Owner Dennis Willard

Industrial product developer and (mechanical) design engineering with the ability to generate ideas and address product requirements during the concept and refinement phases. Complete understanding of the design process from concept through manufacturing. A proven history of providing innovative design solutions and a solid competency in teamwork and communication skills.

Knowledge of development, engineering and design with SolidWorks and possess specific expertise in a focused area (such as, complex surfacing, tolerance studies, rootcause analysis, assembly studies, or lend support to FEA, Moldflow, and/or Technology Center resources).
Advanced understanding of injection molded plastic part design and mechanical component and assembly design.

Understanding and implement policies that support MDD Medical Devices Directive, ISO 13485, UL and other applicable standards for the medical industry. Maintains and respects customer, owner of project, and project confidentiality.

Clients include: U-Boat Worx, E Tuk factory, The 37 Company, Pal-V, Phillips Medisize, GE Healthcare, Assembléon, Meditop, Bravilor Bonamat, People Creating Value, Van Berlo Design, Post en Dekker, Phoenix, Reggs | Pilot.


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